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The Story Of the Cold Engine

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Three Problems Face the World Today!

The Cold Engine Solves These Problems!

The Answer to this Need is the Cold Engine.

What Is Cold Engine ???

Cold Engine is a process by which Heat is extracted from the Atmosphere and converted into Power. Consider two very common technologies used by almost every home in America today, air-conditioning and heat pumps. Air-conditioning extracts heat from inside of a house and releases it into the atmosphere. A heat pump extracts heat from the atmosphere and releases it into the house. Cold Engine extracts heat from the atmosphere and releases it inside a turbine which then converts the heat into power.

The Cold Engine Where Does the Heat Come From?

The Cold Engine How Does it Work?

The cold engine has an evaporator similar to a car radiator which sucks in hot air and blows out cold air. This is where the cold engine gets its heat from the temperature difference of the air, multiplied by volume of air across the evaporator. This heat goes into the compressor which adds more heat and then into the condensing turbine which extracts all this heat converting it into power.

This Is a Once in a Lifetime Opportunity to Participate in a Breakout Revolutionary Green Investment in a Cold Engine.

Tomorrow's World & the Cold Engines.

Participate in a a paradigm shift and create a new Industrial Revolution!

This is the time to jump aboard and contribute. Turn your eyes from the past and look to the future. Help us in this most critical point in History. Contribute to the SOLUTION rather then the PROBLEM!

The Story Of the Cold Engine

Various attempts to build a cold engine have been undertaken by different people, with varying degrees of success. But discovering the secrets of the cold engine to maximize the usable power is not an easy thing. So let me tell you the story of how David Graham invented the cold engine.

About ten years ago I awoke with a dream in which I had married two well established, technologies and produced an engine that did not consume a fuel. In fact it recycled the fuel. I saw the engine vividly in my dream and knew that it extracted heat from the air and produced power, useful power. Being a Power Engineer, I reviewed and pursued a study of turbines and compressors and other technologies. I built, tinkered and designed. Then I wrote a paper on the theoretical basis of the cold engine, which you can find on this web site.

One of the the Keys is the Turbine

Initially I tinkered and built small, miniature turbines that would work with a wet vapor. This addressed the most critical problem of having a turbine, and a pump that would work with a vapor liquid mix. The turbines used in steam power generation today are ruined when even a small amount of liquid enter them. After resolving this most significant problem, I could then go on to undertake the actual engineering calculations necessarily to build a cold engine that would produce considerable power. The design of the engine went through a number of evolutions based upon many different applications until I settled on a unit for a home. My first design was for a small unit that would run a house, producing 4 to 5 kilowatts of power. I had the pieces made for this turbine when my money ran out.

A Viable and Lucrative Venture

At this point I refocused my efforts to determine a business model that would take the least amount of capital to make this venture a going concern. About that time legislation was passed in both Canada and the US which gave access to the power grid, to micro generators of electricity. This afforded me a whole new avenue to become a going concern. This approach looked most promising, and after modeling this approach on my computer, power generation became the way to go forward. Sell the Electricity not the cold engine.

Having settled on a new business model, it was easy to develop a marketing strategy as well as an extremely viable and lucrative business concept. Then I began to designed a cold engine to fit the business model, I approached the best firm of Refrigeration Design Engineers in Canada and the US and found a receptive audience.

After some of the most interesting discussion on the most fundamental nature of the laws of thermodynamics, they agreed the concept must be put to the test. Their approach was quite different then mine. They suggested that we go to a major company that already operated a large refrigeration system and propose a modification to "Prove the Concept". So here we stand and what can we offer such a bold and courageous company? A once in a lifetime Public Relations Bonanza. There is no downside. If the engine runs they will become the Savior of the World . If the engine does not run, their heroic attempt will be recognized world wide. Of course they will need a world wide public relations campaign to reap the whirlwind.

This is a Unique Opportunity for One Company to Save the world!

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This is where the cold engine currently is at.

Scientist say there is NO Perpetual Motion.

All it takes is one example to disprove a negative. Consider the rotation of the earth on its axis. This certainly is motion over a very long period of time. How long is perpetual? The life of the Earth, man, or insect??? If the period is SO long relative to our Lives, why does it matter?.