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David Graham, Inventor, B. Sc., P. E. T., Engineer, Businessman, CEO TurboGenPower

The key is Capital and Good Management

  • David Graham is the inventor of the Cold Engine.
  • "So who is David? His Resume Please?"

David Graham's Resume

David is the inventor of the cold engine and is currently the CEO of Turbo Gen Power.

David is an inventor who has designed, manufactured and sold has own inventions through David John Labs for 18 years.

David has taken many University courses in Accounting (Mac Masters), Management, & Statistics (Carleton University) and Computer Programming (St Lawrence Collage) as well as two Engineering Degrees.

In order to Manufacture his inventions David has ran and operated a custom machine and electronic shop for fifteen years manufacturing and selling his inventions.

David is a successful inventor and has a number of patents in energy medicine. Currently two patent applications have been filed on the Cold Engine.

David was the Program Coordinator and Chief Financial Officer in the Toronto Office of the Environmental Protection Service, Environment Canada.

David was a internal managementment consultant in the federal government for 10 years.

David John Graham


B.Sc. Eng. University of Alberta
MBA McMaster
Statistics Carleton University
Operations Research Ontario Government
Computer Programming St Lawrence Collage


  • Business Modeling -- To ensure that a business is structured so thast it can be profitable.
  • Offshore Investments, Banking.
  • Analytical & Problem solving skills to resolve Business and Administration issues.


New Product Development

  • Owner of a number of patents.
  • Developed a number of new products.
    • Meditation machine
    • Child Security Device
    • Psychometric EEG
    • Drill bits which bends around corners
    • Two Minute Pizza Oven
    • Energy Healing bed
    • Auto Immune Stimulator (for canser)

Business Consulting

  • Developed business and financial plans for a number of new business and products.
  • Assisted in private offerings.

Business Management

Established and operated my own company, to develop and market new inventions in both Canada and the U.S.


Developed, tested, and implemented a marketing plan to sell specialty relaxation & psychometric equipment. Lead generation via articles, publications and demonstrations. Exhibiting of equipment at fairs and conventions. Participating in and conducting seminars and lectures, relating to the new technologies.

" Gravity Feed Water Supply Perpetual Motion. "

All it takes is one example to disprove a negative. Consider the water supply and purification systems in Rome, Jerusalem and Constantinople using gravity feed. They still work today! This certainly is motion over a thousand years. How long is perpetual? The life of the Earth, man, or insect???