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The Unknown Pollution That Causes Mega Storms.

By David Graham P. Eng.

December 2013

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Electromegnetic Radiation

I will now talk to you about the pollution that I am most concerned about. It is not man made. It is electromagnetic radiation which is coming to the earth from the star "Sirius". In March of 1994 Sirius began pulsating mammoth amounts of electromagnetic radiation. Sirius has continued these emittions ever since in varying degrees of heightened intensities.

The Human Body

Now here is the thing about electromagnetic energy that only a few people know about. A human spirit creates their physical body by stepping down spiritual energy through four step down transformations; auric, etheric, austral and electromagnetic. The last step down is electromagnetic. This makes the human body very capable of absorbing large amounts of electromagnetic energy safely. The earth also does much the same. The earth is absorbing mammoth amounts of electromagnetic radiation from Sirius. The earth releases this energy in the form of electromagnetic pulses. These electromagnetic pulses manifest, in the form of, more and more powerful storms more specifically, tornadoes, hurricanes, typhoons, firestorms, thunderstorms, valcanoes and earthquakes. You have all witness the ever increasing frequency and intensity of every kind of storm assaulting the surface of the planet and man since 1994. This will continue with greater frequency and ever greater power. There is no need for me to list the very powerful storms that have hit the earth in 2013 alone.

What Can Mandkind Do?

Most people think that there is nothing we can do but endure the storms. Others think falsely that it is God punishing us for our sins. The truth is that the electromagnetic pulses are for man to use to create whatever we wont. I have personally absorbed the electromagnetic energies from a developing tornado and watched it vanish. Many people have learned to do this. This energy is a source of power that YOU, the individual, can use to heal, to change, to create a better world, to make your dream a reality. In using this energy, Intent and a laser sharp focus on the desired result is the key.

If even a few good men absorb this energy out of these storms, the storms impact upon human life and property will be minimized even nullified. In the mid 1970 a few people began sending LOVE into the fault zones of California to prevent the BIG earthquake from severing California from the mainland. Over the years these few people have grown into thousands then 10's of thousands. I am certain that if they continue this process there will be no magnitude 12 quake in California and California will remain intact even though it will experience many smaller quakes. This does not mean the people of California can let down their guard, they must continue the practice and maintain the resonance, collectively. Many individuals will lose the resonance and will fall back on their belief systems to protect themselves. Other will fall pray to fear and their negative ego and move to where the earthquake will happen.

There is a saying in metaphysics. "You always get what you wont unless DOUBT, FEAR or OPPOSING BELIEFS pervent you from receiving it."

Where Is This needed?

There are many other places in the world that needs to do the same, Japan and Britain. Japan because it will otherwise sink into the sea when the ring of fire becomes very active and the poles shift to their new position. Britain when the extension of the ring of fire traverses the North Pole from the Pacific to Greenland then toward Britain. Britain will sink and rise and eventually London will be under 20 feet of water. This all can be prevented by sending LOVE into the fault lines and the tectonic plates while absorbing the electromagnetic energy building up in the Earth. The local population had best do this.

The Extension of the Ring of Fire.

The extension of the ring of fire, as it traverses the North Pole from the Pacific to Greenland then toward Britain, is causing the ice in the Arctic to melt very rapidly. The main source of heat is not coming from the warming of the atmosphere. It is coming from the heating of the sea bed. This possibility the researches have not thought of, nor attempted to measured. The heat is from deep in the Arctic Ocean sea bed. Unfortunately the researches do not have 100 year old deep sea temperature data for a reference. They may not be able to recognize what is happening. The new ring of fire and the shafting of the poles will create mammoth amounts of volcanic activity in Greenland and the Island will be covered with fresh lava. The total population will need to be evacuated.

There are many places in the world where people need to learn to minimize and even nullify the impact of storms in their communities. Let me give you a few examples; tornado ally in the US, the East Coast of America, the gulf of Mexico, the Mississippi, Japan, Britain, Phillippines and many other places particularly in the Pacific rim and Asia.

In a vivid dream I saw the following in the winter of 2012.

"The United States had been split asunder up the Mississippi river. The Ocean will flow in and the Mississippi will become an inland sea. The dykes will not be high enough or strong enough to hold the water, flooding will occur in vast amounts of land."

"The eastern states, a tear drop shaped area in west New York covering five states as far north as Syracuse, west to Cincinnati, south to Washington but not in the mountains will experience a ground rattling earth quake that will turn pavement into rubble. Drive able but hard on the tires. Few people will be hurt and houses will be intact but all underground utilities will be broken. Relief in the form of food, water and fuel will be very slow in arising. The US will be in shock and seemingly paralyzed."

"A large bite will be taken out of California and San Francisco will become a floating island far off the coast, bobbing up and down in the water."

"In Canada a new volcano will arise north of Trail BC. Canada's northern roads will become the main east west routes. With Alberta - Montana the main north south route as well as Ontario - New York. Alberta's central lands will be raised up, maybe a thousand feet. Warehouses of machine tools in central Alberta will be unpacked from storage and everyone who can or is willing to learn machining will be hired to rebuild the industrial base of North Amenica."

Dreams and visions are not given as prophesy but as indications of what will be if Man does not change the event. The people of California have already changed the outcome of this dream in that state. It is time for the rest of America and Canada to do the same in their region.

What I am personally interested in is conducting a seminar to teach people mental techniques and ways to do this. Let me describe it this way. If mankind learns to harness the electromagnetic energy, mankind will create a new world. A new world in which every man's dream can come true. If we do not learn to harness this energy then the Earth will absorb the electromagnetic energy and it will come at mankind in the form of more powerful and more frequent storms and earthquakes, as it currently is, killing eventually millions of people.

Each year in the US there are millions of people who walk away from a perfectly good, and well-paid job to build a life of their own making, there own dream, and most are succeeding. In the winter of 2013, I was watching PBS news when PBS reported that US labor statistics indicated that in 2012 there were 6 million people who left perfectly good, well paying, jobs to pursue there own dreams. These people are moving into the new world in which anyone can make their dream come true. What I am asking is that these people who are pursuing their dreams will step up to the plate and raise themselves one more level and begin absorbing the electromagnetic energy of any storm that comes near or threatens their local community and use that energy to heal, to change the world, to create their dream.

I am also asking these people to sign up for a workshop I am designing to teach them how to build their Dream with ease and elegance. I am willing to create and conduct a seminar that will teach people how to do this and many other ways to find and create their dream. I will teach you how to protect yourself, family and friends from the extreme electromagnetic energies being directed at and stored in the Earth. If you do not learn and do this, the electromagnetic energy will come at you through the Earth in the form of very severe storms and earthquakes. Let us call this seminar "The Body Electric of the Earth and Humans". If you re interested please email David graham777@shaw.ca .

Email graham777@shaw.ca David