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Voodoo Science Tought at Universities,

How to Recognize a Voodoo Science Scientist.

The Voodoo Science Scientist Created by Universities!

Who Funds Our Universities and Acedemia?

As you read this article PLEASE remember that WE the public fund our Universities and Academia. So the question arises as to what WE the public are getting for our Billions of TAXPAYERS dollars? And How do WE the public oversee the institutions and reign in there misdirections and exorbitant spending?

The Consensus Approach to Education

The consensus approach to higher education is to get a B. Sc. And then a Masters and then a Ph. D. For some reason people feel that if you learn more and more about less and less until you know absolutely everything about absolutely nothing; is the official and only way to go.

In many British Universities they feel that a Science degree should be balanced with a minor in Music, Art or Social Sciences to better balance an individual. In North America this is not the case. I personally chose a different approach My academics studies went broad not narrow. I have two engineering degrees, statistics, computer programming, accounting management and a smattering of history. But my major study is metaphysics. Early in my twenties I realized there was a second source of knowledge. Some people call it inner knowledge other the akashic records, or book of knowledge. Basically it is a library card that gives the owner access to a universal source of knowledge that exists outside of time and space.

The consensus approach to higher education also bestows great honor and respect to Ph. D.'s. Calling these people Scientist. Holding up their opinions as being holy' er than God.

I have personally found that once a person gets a Ph. D., they are magically transformed, OVERNIGHT, by a process known as arrogance into knowing everything about everything.

They suddenly, overnight acquire god like knowledge. Why a society or university would consider an educated individual with absolutely no experience to be of such high value is beyond my comprehension.

Unfortunately Universities today, have become nothing more then a overpriced, glorified High School! Professors Are Not Even Taught to Teach! Obviously our approach to higher Education needs to be overhauled!

So this raises a question What Constitutes a Scientist?

Let start by looking at the Environmental Scientists collective pronouncements, for example AL Gore's book on the Environment. Al Gore presented the collective wisdom of the leading group of Environmentalists.

How high did Al Gore's book say the Oceans were going to raise, once the ice in the arctic and antarctic oceans melt?

I didn't read the book but people and news reports have quoted somewhere from 30 to 35 feet. In 2010 a revised number came much lower somewhere about 18 feet. I watched a news report recently and reached a dramatic conclusion.

All the Environmental Scientists combined are NOT as smart as a fifth grader.

For those of you who would like to compete with a fifth grader here is the Question and the possible answers to choose from.

How high will the Oceans raise, once the ice in the arctic and antarctic oceans melt?

  • a) 30 + feet
  • b) 15 to 30 feet,
  • c) 5 to 15 feet,
  • d) 0 feet.

So how did the Environmental Scientists do? Every one of them got it wrong.

I am not going to give you the answer now. I prefer to have you demo it for yourself. Please exercise your brain and put the question to a test. A fifth grader would get it right because they have studied one scientific principle which obviously the Environmental Scientists did not. Do you know what that principle is?

Here is the Demo.

  • 1. Get 4 glasses.
  • 2. Fill one with water .
  • 3. Fill one with ice.
  • 4. Pore half the ice into an empty glass.
  • 5. Fill the half glass of ice with water to about 0.8.full.
  • 6. Take a felt pen and mark the water level and wait for the ice to melt.
  • 7. After the ice has melted record if the water level has risen or fallen.
  • 8. To understand BETTER the principle reverse the order.
  • 9. Pore the remaining ice into the half glass of water.
  • 10. Observe what happens to the water level as the ice enters.
  • 11. This is what Archimedes observed in his bath tub.
  • 12. The water rises as the ice enters

You would think that the Universities ALL of which have designed courses for Environmental Scientists would include Archimedes principle? At least that ONE of them would have got it right? I believe the Universities in their Godly wisdom didn't think it relevant . So at the UN Environmental world conference in Copenhagen in 2009, the world was told.

"Certain Islands in the Indian Ocean would disappear."

These Islands were only a couple of meter above the Ocean Level. I wonder how the people on those Islands feel upon hearing this Scientific Proclamation?

In fact nothing will happen to these Island when the Ice melts, because the ice is already floating in the Ocean and the Ocean has adjusted itself accordingly.

So the question remains What Constitutes a real Scientist? Obviously these are not people educated at Universities with two or three Ph. D.'s. So who can you trust?

So where do we start? Lets start with something we all know and understand Air Conditioning.

Question? How does Home Air Conditioning Work?

Home air conditioning works by pumping the heat from inside the house to the ambient air outside of the house. Heat is pumped from the cold source, inside the house, to the hot source outside the house. Every one who has lived in an air conditioned house knows this.

Yet, there are Voodoo Science scientists out there, who claim that this is impossible. They say this violates the second law of thermodynamics which states that heat will only flow from a hot reservoir to a cold reservoir. These scientists are not capable of clear and unbiased observation.

A scientist who is not capable of putting his theories to the test and clearly observing the results before making a Scientific Proclamation is clearly a Voodoo Science scientist. You do not need a Degree in Rocket Science to realize the scientific approach requires everything be put to the test.

Air conditioning doesn't violate the second law of thermodynamics. It just appears to, in the same manner that water will only flow down hill. Yet engineers build pumps which pump water up hill. Air conditioning is specifically designed by engineers who use all the laws of thermodynamics to pump heat from the cold source to the hot source.

This raises a critical question: What constitutes a scientist and how do we know a real scientist from a Voodoo Science scientist.

A real scientist meets three criteria.

This criteria leads to a means of classifying every scientist.

First, the failed scientist is one who has relevant knowledge and work experience but who has never succeeded in building equipment that works. Would you go to heart surgeon who has botched every surgery he has undertaken? Not likely, unless you are a fool.

Second, the useless scientist who has knowledge but no relevant experience. Would you get a scientist who has one course in thermodynamics to design a diesel engine? This scientist would prove totally inept and incompetent in this task.

Third, the ignorant scientist and the Voodoo Science scientist. These scientists have scientific knowledge but none of it is key or relevant to the area in question . I cannot imagine a reputable engineering firm which will hire a scientist to design heat engines or refrigeration systems who has no engineering courses, including an in depth thermodynamics course.

The ignorant scientist knows he lacks knowledge and experience in the subject area and asks questions for his better understanding. He will ventures opinions to seek understanding from seasoned experts who will clarify the matter in lay terms.

The Voodoo Science scientist ventures definitive statements and opinions based on total ignorance of the subject matter. They prefer to shout down other people, not allowing anyone else to be heard. These men are arrogant and feel that only their ignorant and arrogant opinions matter. These men give science a bad name and preach half truths and false facts to the public. In fact they are Propagandists of Ignorance.

In discussing the cold engine with a scientist you must first determine whether he is a real scientist in the field of refrigeration. Other fields are not relevant. His number of Ph D's do not count. The University he went to means nothing. Here are the criteria he must meet.

  • Knowledge of thermodynamics and engineering.
  • Work experience in designing and building refrigeration systems.
  • Experience in designing heat engines and power plants is NOT relevant.
  • Has successfully designed and built refrigeration systems.

Questions only a refrigeration engineer should know the answers to.

Question 1 In a refrigeration system if the compressor consumes 300 k watts how much heat should it be able to move from the cold reservoir to the hot reservoir?

  • A. 120 k J / s
  • B. 900 to 1800 k J / s
  • C. Less than 100 k J / s
  • D. 300 k J / s

Question 2 In a heat pump how much heat does it produce in comparison to the power required to run it?

  • A 0.4
  • B 0.25
  • C 1.0
  • D 4 to 7

Question 3 In a coal fired power plant is the overall efficiency less than or greater than 1.0 ?

Question 4 In a refrigeration system is the overall efficiency less than or greater than 1.0 ?

One wrong answer means the scientist or engineer has no relevant knowledge and his comments on the cold engine are pure Voodoo Science.

For Those of You Who Seek a Second Source of Knowledge! TRY.

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What if Einstein's papers were never published!

If in 1905 there was peer review none of Einstein's papers would have been published. No one understood his paper. Einstein's papers would have fallen into the dust bin of history. Peer review has truly caused modern science to fall into the depths of depravity and cease to serve Mankind. Publication of ideas in scientific journals today has degenerated into a popularity contest among an elitist few.